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Choosing an independent business means supporting a company that values customer input. Your requests won't get lost in automation; we're here to listen and serve you.
In the world of business, it's often said that the customer is paramount, but the truth nowadays is that stakeholders often take precedence. For many large companies, it's investors and boards they answer to, while customers are reduced to mere numbers.
However, there's a refreshing exception: the independent, self-funded business, built on little more than a vision, where the true customer still holds a special place.
This business may not be the top Google search result or the company sponsoring your favorite podcast. Instead, it's the recommendation exchanged between friends. The CEO shifts from preparing pitches to handling customer support in a heartbeat.
This growing business was once just one person's ambitious dream.
Out of all the ways to launch a company – applying for a business loan, crowdfunding, seeking venture capital – this wasn't the safe choice. Bootstrapping puts your future on the line. You and your team work, often month-to-month, fueled by the belief that it will eventually pay off. Sometimes, it doesn't.
Starting a self-funded business is a noteworthy accomplishment. But to sustain it? That's a true source of pride.
When you support an independent business, you're backing a company that genuinely listens to its customers. Your request won't be lost in an automated process. Your feedback has the power to shape features. Numbers matter in a self-funded business, but so do the names behind them.
We champion independent enterprises, injecting a personal touch into business. We aspire to fuel community growth, embracing diversity and fostering innovation. It's a belief we hold dear.
We stand by bootstrapped businesses, recognizing their human spirit, just like us.
As an independent, bootstrapped business, we wear our narrative as a badge of honor.
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